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India is an extremely rich country in terms of art. One of the fascinating forms of Indian art is concept of wildlife paintings. This concept was given by the Ranthambore School of Art. There is an interesting story behind initiating of this noble venture. Ranthambore School of art had only one purpose at its inception and that was of saving the tigers of the Ranthambore Wildlife Sanctuary. The modus operandi was quite effective as the authorities focused upon recruiting students from neighboring villages and towns. Thereafter, these new students are made aware of dismal plight of fast reducing numbers of Indian tiger. The students are trained to be self-sufficient artists.


You will be surprised to see the effects of these paintings. The students of Ranthambore School of art managed to create awe-inspiring art works. The sketches created are mostly black and white life sized. The technique primarily used is watercolor. Looking at paintings, it seems like you are watching live tigers staring at you from close quarters. Such is the effect of these paintings. What works in favor of the students is the keen observational eye they have. That’s the trick behind aliveness of such paintings. The training methods employed on students is so effective that these artists become extremely skilled at painting the fearful creatures so beautifully.


Wildlife Paintings created by students of Ranthambore School of Art are vivid and strong in imagination. It also gives us a message about imminent extinction of tigers from our map. Having said that, if we soon don’t take any preventive steps to conserve the majestic tigers soon they will just appear in paintings. Wildlife paintings are not only aesthetic but also a strong message to the population about the need of protecting the tigers.

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