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Toys are of great appeal to all tourists who love to carry mementoes for their loved ones. There are several exquisite works of art in toy making concept that is original and also a chief occupation of village artisans. Miniatures and also tiny pieces of dolls, animals and other carvings in wood make adorable toys. The work of art from Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh are very typical and the painting is unique in its nature. The rosewood is the typical form of toy making in the South and the carvings also relate to the idols represented in the temples there.


Wooden toys from Orissa and Andhra Pradesh are very famous and are authentic in their creativity. The toys from Orrissa are also about simplicity and molded for easy use. The puppet making art from Rajashtan is about unique culture here. The strings facilitate easy movement depicted by story telling or dance which is often staged in village shows. The puppets also form an interesting artifact for home interiors.


The wooden toys from Sawantwadi of the Konkan belt are another piece of art. The toys include wooden tops, vehicles, dolls which are painted in a raw style in simple colors. The wood is well molded to smoothen rough edges and is durable in nature. Clay toys are also a chief form of toy making in India. The toys are further painted in rich textures as per the image required.


Toys are also made of barks of wood, coconut kernels and textured banana leaves. This is often the handicraft work of tribal folk which is now seeing commercialization. The sticking of beads, shells and other common trinkets on toys sets them apart from regular ready made buys. There are also many toys made out of raw paper and cloth ones. Toys representing cartoons, Gods are also commonly found in many village shops.

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