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Collecting art and craft work has become a strong hobby of quite a number of people. On one hand, it works as an investment opportunity and secondly, it helps in spicing up one’s living room. So, if someone is looking to add some finesse and rich color to his home then he need not look further than ha-painted furniture from Rajasthan. This desert state is home to myriad crafts. Rajasthan has always excelled in producing hand painted wooden furniture. If one is looking for distinctive style of furniture then Jodhpur and Kisanganh in Rajasthan are the places to be in.


The woods usually favored by Rajasthani artists are rose, mango and acacia Arabica etc. The process begins with making the furniture first. Thereafter, the end product is given finishing touches. Painting is the last step in the process. A coat of varnish is applied over the finished piece. As far as range of products are concerned, stools, wine racks, small chairs, paneled screens, trunks, doors, decorative carved windows and cupboards etc are the furniture items one can get his hands on. While decorating these items, wide range of bright colors are used over them.


Talking about wooden furniture from Jodhpur, they are generally made using ethnic color combinations. These items have unique antique charm associated with them. Decorative wooden wall pieces are highlight of Jodhpur school of art. They have richly carved borders and paintings of Rajput kings and queens and Hindu Gods.


Kishangarh School of Art is very rich in terms of its symmetrical floral motifs which will remind you of Mughal influence. Painted designs and embossed features are shining aspects of Kisangarh furniture. Painted furniture of Rajasthan are true reflections of state’s glorious past and rich culture. These pieces can add value to one’s living room and act as style statements.

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