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I always wonder about the term abstract. What is abstract? What defines abstract in the world of art? Does abstract mean deriving meaning out of a few lines sketched onto the paper or is it something that moves away from the figures that we have been seeing on paper since a long time, moving away from reality? Abstract art to me is a reality that comes out from the subconscious trying to hide what it actually wants to say.

Is abstract art dying? Nothing in art actually dies; it is there just dormant momentarily. Moreover, as long as reality is there, abstract art is here to stay. There are so many abstract paintings that have reflected reality, artist’s individual experience, and the inner dilemma that many of us are unable to express otherwise. Abstract art is a form, a colour and a composition of imagination on paper. Abstract art that we see today is the exploration that is being influenced by the western artists. That is where it is harmful for any artist. There is a need to explore more within and in our country where there is so much scope for abstract art.

Abstract art was criticized for a long time because many artists plunged into it without really understanding the very basics of the abstraction. Artists who were into spiritualism or in mysticism painted abstract art without knowing and realizing what they are actually painting Many artists have no idea of the philosophy of abstract art. Hence abstract art, even though it is abstract in nature, has some foundations and only after one has seen and studied great works of art for ages, will one know what abstract art is all about.

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