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Art galleries are places where art is being celebrated. It is where you will see the real esence of art. A display of various works from various artists is what you are going to see in art galleries. These galleries are considered tourist destinations since they tell the culture of the whole country or the city. The artists working on their work can also be seen in these galleries and at times, a guest can actually interact with the artists. Truly galleries are home of masterpieces. Some galleries collect fee for those who will enter but some do not. These galleries are favorite places of people who are ino arts and, not only those schools and other institutions arrange some trip to visit galleries. This is one form of educating student about art. One can really appeciate art at its very essence if he is in an art gallery.

Jehangir Art Gallery

Jehangir Art Gallery This art gallery is a tourist attraction in Mumbai. Admission to the gallery is free and it is very accessible. The outisde of the gallery is already very artistic as they have a beautiful white building. The gallery has a big hall that exhibits art works from various famous artists. The gallery also exhibit sculptures that will surely satisfy your hunger for real art. This place has already been part of the city’s culture.

Location: Kalaghoda, Fort, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Sanstache Art Gallery

This art gallery is committed to building trust and transparency among their guests. They exhibit works from well-known artists, those who are just starting and students who are taking up art related courses. It is their aim to contibute to the promotion of Indian art and inspires new artists. Their vision is to ensure excellence, recognize the impact of art on the society, and give opportunity for guests to meet various artists.

Location: Khan Abdul Gaffer Khan Road,
Worli, Mumbai – 400 018

Pundole Art Gallery

This gallery is considered one of the earliest galleries in the whole of India. It is their aim to promote the nation’s art by offering their services for quite some time now. A couple of celebrated artists are affiliated with this gallery since they have a very good reputation in India. They have well promoted the culture of the country especially to visitors coming from other coutries.

Location: 369 Dr. Dadabhai Naoroji Road, Muumbai 400 001

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