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nirmalConsidering the diversity of Indian culture and richness of Indian art, there are many forms of art that go almost unnoticed. It has been said that beauty of india lies in interiors or rural India. Some of the most original and ancient forms of art have existed there and continue to flourish even today. A particular community or set of people have continued to nurture and polish hidden treasures of art. One of such form is Nirmal paintings. In the southern state of Andhra Pradesh, there is a place called Nirmal in Adilabad district. The Nirmal paintings are named after this place. Every Indian state has its own beauty and Andhra Pradesh is no exception. The state has given us numerous wonderful art and craft. The range of art forms is nothing but fascinating. You talk about concept, expression, style, form and theme and you will find art forms representing all these attributes. Nirmal paintings are traditional in nature.


The origin of Nirmal paintings is credited to a community called Nakkash in the Nirmal town. It is a community of craftsmen and whose primary job is to paint events from Hindu epics Ramayana and Mahabharata. One interesting anecdote about Nirmal paintings is of Mughal rulers extending patronage to this art form on the basis of its sheer beauty and colorfulness.


One of the most common colors used in this painting is gold. It is extracted from herbs. Others colors used are produced from herbs, gums and minerals. The usage of natural colors gives this form the much appreciated beauty and freshness. With the passage of time, Nirmal paintings have acquired popularity across the India. The demand has increased. The Nirmal artists have started to paint other themes as well.


: Image courtesy worldoftheindianwoman.blogspot.com

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