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Art works need to preserved and conserved. Like every other thing on earth, they are also subject to corrosion. Considering the historical and contemporary relevance of art works, they have a greater need of care. If we talk about metal sculptures, considering the changing environment and their metallic nature, they demand great attention and preservation. Environmental conditions have kept touching new lows since the advent of industrialization and commercialization. Metallic objects react to environmental changes and that’s why it is recommended to keep them to a properly controlled atmosphere. When conditions are well managed, the sheen of these sculptures tends to last longer. It is also our responsibility to maintain the health of the precious art works for the sake of their uniqueness and for future generations.


There are times when sculptures are exhibited outdoors. In such conditions, controlling the environment is quite difficult so it’s better to coat the surface. Metallic sculptures are prone to damage and rust in humidity and mechanical loss. Humidity makes iron and silver rusts whereas brass, bronze and copper corrode. That makes it imperative to keep them in dry environment.


Technical advancements have made it relatively easier to care for the precious metallic objects. To enhance the longevity of iron and bronze sculptures, new sophisticated treatments have been developed. But the best method is of reducing humidity. It is also advisable to apply some surface treatments and restrained cleaning of the sculptures to keep them in healthy condition. The conservators also make sure to use commercial polishes in a careful way because they contain ammonia and are quite abrasive. Polishing should be done with minimal fuss and it should not be overdone. It is mandatory to use all the functional, aesthetic and practical criteria before indulging in sculpture conservation. Keep a sensitive and careful approach towards conservation and metal sculptures are likely to remain healthy and bright.

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