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Art aficionados must have heard of Bell metal craft.  It is hugely popular amongst the art lovers all across India. One of the beautiful heritages of amazing Indian art, bell metals are known for their design and lost patterns. Some of the designs will simply take your breath away. Bell metals are in existence since centuries. It is basically an alloy that has been repeatedly used for carving artistic products. Bell metal craft often symbolizes pure beauty of tribal art. According to many opinions, it resembles bronze in some aspects. These materials are molded artistically and the final result manifests itself in form of distinguished form of art.


Bell craft is popular in many parts of the country like Assam, Bihar and West Bengal. However, Kerala is credited with the origin of this precious art. It has numerous usages, both for aesthetic as well as utility purposes. Objects like home furnishing materials, ornaments, utensils etc have been made using this metal. Many tribal deities have been shaped using bell metal craft. Many designs in different size and shape have been carved in bell metal craft. Raw materials required for bell metal handcrafted items are rice bran, charcoal, clay, jute fibers and lac etc. 


There is a process called lost wax using which bell metal crafts are manufactured. This is a very ancient method but still widely used. Some of the artifacts of Bell metal are very popular across the world. Always in demand, these artifacts never go out of fashion. Some of the prominent ones are Bells, Lanterns, Boxes, Lamps, Bottle openers, Lamp Shades, Musical instruments, Tribal figurines and Tribal Animals. Considering the popularity of bell metal craft and new found interest in it, this craft is sure to flourish.

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