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Talking about new century old paintings, it is a broad term covering wide range of art works. According to art experts, the art works created from early 20th century until the present times comes under the umbrella term of new century old paintings. Most of works in last century has been created through amazing experiments and creative capabilities of the artists. 20th Century has been a witness of several classical oil paintings. It all began during impressionism era. The said era is said to begin from 19th century art movement. The artists from Paris were the chief architects of impressionism era who exhibited their art works in public forums. The trademarks of this era were usage of light colors, emphasis on light, visible brushstrokes, open composition and innovative angles. This style had many renowned followers. One of the artists who created a name for himself in the world of painting using this style of painting was Vincent Van Gogh.


European painting received a great dose of motivation from Cubism era. The influence of this era also spread to music and literature. The peculiar aspects of this era were abstract form of paintings which were first broken up, analyzed and then re-assembled. The scope of cubism era oil paintings was much wider because of multitude of viewpoints. Picasso was one of the legends of this era.


Another famous art movement was Fauvism which was primarily focused on proper usage of colors. Minimalism art form was based on usage of basic fundamental features. From Indian context, Indian painters were hugely infoluenced by western art practices and usage of western principles and techniques can be clearly seen in art works of pre-independence era. Famous Indian oil painters were Raja Ravi Varma, Jamini Roy, Suvaprasanna, M. F. Hussain and Anjolie Ela Menon.

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