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Like Indian arts, Indian crafts are extremely rich in variety and quality. Many Indian crafts have continued to exist since centuries. Interestingly, as we are getting more and more modern in our approach, we have also started to gravitate towards ancient Indian arts and crafts. In fashion sense, it is called as reemergence of retro fashion. Similarly, Indian crafts have started to get its due importance and attention. One of the traditional Indian crafts is Kalamkari. It is related to cotton fabric.


The interesting aspect of Kalamkari is usage of dye for patterns instead of loom. Technically speaking, for cotton, ochre color is used because of the fact that cotton takes it comfortably. But when it comes to using other colors, mordant is used initially. It is done with the purpose of treating fabric so that desired hue is absorbed accordingly. The craftsmen use block or brush to apply mordant. A pen like instrument is also used on a pre woven fabric. This pen like object or kalam is used on the clothes and from there the term kalamkari has been coined. Kalamkari was profusely used for the purpose of decorative or functional hangings. These hangings were often used in monumental or domestic structures as covering material or wrapping. One can see these wrappings at most of the heritage places or monuments scattered across the India. Kalamkari artists have gradually become quite popular because of the quality of the work and beauty of the clothes. The artists have also started to spread in other forms of art and crafts. The demand has increased and so has the range of subjects and themes.  

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