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There are a number of art dealers in India who stock up framed art prints of original arts. These are rather expensive, but is an option art connoisseurs usually look for. Many people would rather purchase already framed pictures instead of having them framed themselves. This is because the framing expert working for art dealers know exactly what kind of frame goes well with the art print.

Apart from being available at varied reputed art dealers, framed art prints of original arts are also auctioned at various india art galleries from time-to-time. The main purpose for such auctions is to firstly, get the best price for an invaluable piece of art; and secondly, to be able to get enough funds for a charitable organization.

This may sound strange, but the fact is that when an artist or painter auctions their piece of art, it is to raise a large sum of money to be given as charity. So to speak a large number of reputed artists create works of Indian art in support of various charitable organizations.

Framed art prints of original arts can be custom made, as per specifications. Dealers and artists specializing in the framed art prints are generally sourced out through interior designers. Most interior designers work on a specific theme according to which they place orders for art prints.

In fact, when working for restaurants and hotels, as well as hospitals, one can notice that the corridors and various sections have art prints with a common theme, or a series of a particular theme, with common type of framing. It is the common framing that actually connects one art print to another.

Giclee fine art prints : Giclee, pronounced as zhee-clay, is a high-resolution reproduction, which is done on a specially designed format printer. Giclee fine art prints are created from digital scans of the original piece of art. In fact these art prints are considered to have created a new medium for art that is vibrant and seems animated. It is a perfect option for modern day artwork.

Giclee fine art prints can be reproduced on any kind of medium that includes canvas and transparent acetates. These prints are commonly brighter than the older types and are said to have a longer life span than the others. While the older types of prints had a lot of graining, these new age prints have an extremely high resolution, making them have a continuous vibrant tone.

In the older form of printing also known as lithography, miniscule dots of four colors were used to create the final print. These are cyan, magenta, yellow and black. However in the case of the giclee prints, superior inkjet technology is employed using six colors. These are a light shade of cyan, cyan, light magenta, magenta, yellow and black.

These prints are generally produced by using 8 to 12 color ink-jet printers. These printers have been engineered to produce minutely detailed prints for fine art. Most artists nowadays employ this type of art prints, as it is not too expensive to have a large number of high-resolution prints produced in a relatively short period of time. Another important aspect is the ability to produce prints in any size without distorting the work of fine art.

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