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African american art prints

Though Christopher Columbus is stated to have discovered America, according to the history textbooks, yet the facts remain that it was completely exploited and discovered by every one of the immigrants who steered their ship to this land. Apart from the numerous Europeans, the Africans are amongst the oldest of migrants to the American shores.

However, while Europeans carved for themselves a respectable place in American society, the Africans were accepted as slaves. This was primarily because of the color of the skin, as well as the fact that they were not well educated, or not educated at all. The reason for this being that the continent of Africa has been rich in natural resources, but it has taken way too long to pull the original inhabitants out of the jungle-way of living.

African American art print says the story of the mass African migration to America. The pictures bring the stark reality of their adjustments and suffering. They have always had to face the brunt of racism, which still exists today at a lower degree then was the case. But then, the American life was surely better for them, as they were given education.

Though the original African migrants had to face the ugly part of racism, today it is different. The generation next of African Americans are educated and hold important positions in various companies and governmental departments. The African American art prints work as photo essays of the progression from slavery to rubbing shoulders with the American man.

The African American art prints of the times gone by depicted these migrants as slaves, living in shambles and misery, finding away to make home out of this strange land. And today the picture shows these very dark skinned people achieving by leaps and bounds. In fact some of the biggest names in the world of music are those who belong to vast African American community!

Art deco prints
There are some prints that are specially created to bring about an artistic ambience. By artistic ambience is meant a surrounding that can take an individual beyond his present scenario into a world of fantasy and joy. It takes the viewer to a world of color and vibrancy, thoughtfulness. And as many would state artful pictures have the power to take an individual closest to their soul.

This is one of the reasons why people are particular about the art deco prints they select. For them sitting in front of a print with a magical scenery can take them into depths of meditation without having to shut their eyes.

In general, people are found to prefer art deco prints with landscape and seascape. This is because in times of stress or tension they just comfortably focus on the art print hung in front of them and travel through the scenery as though it’s a peaceful and calming walk through the woods, mountains, or at sea.

Apart from the therapeutic aspects of art deco prints, they also accentuate the general beauty of a well-decorated room. In fact without artful prints put up on the wall, the room wood seem incomplete. Most interior decorators go personally with their client to select art prints for the walls to ensure that the pictures are in keeping with theme of the room.

Black art prints

Though they maybe considered the poorest of civilizations to have ever existed, yet they become a part of every photographer’s portfolio. Most photographers claim that there is a sort of romanticism attached to the dark skinned people; or the black people. The fact is that Africa in general is an extremely wealthy continent, but its original inhabitants have been impoverished by the power of the white nations.

Their determination and fight for survival is depicted in almost every one of the black art prints that have ever been created. If well photographed then one can see a will to fight what they have been put through. And yet at the same time their body speaks of resignation to their fate. The slender and almost skeletal bodies of the young ones depict the scarcity in a land rich in natural resources. There is every way for them to survive, and yet no one can find a solution.

Black art prints tend to bring out the reality of human suffering. They generally form a part of the interior décor of various non-governmental organizations. This is because primarily, these pictures remind each visitor how fortunate they are. It creates a feeling of sympathy thereby erupting in people actions of generosity. Apart from being put up in various commercial organizations, there are people who frame such pictures in their homes.

No, it is not only homes of the black immigrants who have migrated to white lands for better prospects, but also the white man collects black art prints. As mentioned above it is a reminder of how fortunate one is with whatever they have, in comparison to those who do not have at all.

Christian art prints
According to many people, Christian art prints are limited to pictures of Jesus and Mother Mary, however, this is not the case. In fact artists of eras gone by have depicted various episodes narrated in bible into picture forms. So to speak they have painted scenes that occurred according to the bible and other Christian texts.

The most prominent biblical painting is that of the last supper. It has been recreated on by innumerable artists through the various eras. However, these paintings are easily available at affordable rates in the form of art prints. One can have the print created in a size as per the requirement.

Apart from this a number of artists have also painted scenes that depict the existence of Adam and Eve and the snake that enticed them into consuming the forbidden fruit. The best of art prints are displayed in the churches, as well as convent schools.

Instead of putting up paintings at home, most followers of the Christian faith constantly source out unique Christian arts that they feel keeps them closer to the pious way of living. They considered these prints as constant reminders of Jesus’ sacrifice for humanity.

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