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Art can be defined as an expression. Art covers whole gamut of human expressions, primarily through visual form. An artist conveys his perspectives and perceptions about particular things through art works. All art works including paintings, sculptures, pottery, frescoes, artifacts etc instantly creates a connection with the viewer because somewhere lies, few common feelings between the observe and the expression of art. Art works evoke certain feelings like, happiness, beauty, joy, melancholy and a wide range of all other emotions.


Visual Art is a world in itself! It is a grand garden which includes several roses, all shining brightly. These roses are called as classical art, folk art, Contemporary art and tribal art, all having a strong individual presence. Visual arts is the sum total of all forms of present, past and future arts. Visual arts cover a wide range of fascinating forms of arts including, painting, sculpture, handicrafts and what not!  Indian visual art is a true manifestation of joyful ingredients of life. An Indian visual art is a beautiful blend of traditional as well as modern arts. Indian visual art celebrates life through creative means.


Most of the art works, especially paintings are truly invaluable. Most often than not, buyers decide on the purchase of the work because of the emotions generated within by that art work. Few paintings strike particular chords which heavily influences the buying decision of the buyer. Apart from emotion factor, the other crucial factors in determining the true value of the work are artist’s name, current market situation, demand for that particular work and era of its creation to name a few.


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