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Emerging Indian artists: Kruti Mukherjee

Friday, August 28th, 2009 | Author:

kruti_12v_bigBorn on March 23, 1980 in  Bhavnagar, Gujarat, Kruti holds a Masters in Fine Arts (Creative Painting), from the University of Baroda and a Bachelors in Fine Arts (Painting) from the same university. Kruti has participated in many exhibitions, the recent one being the 2009 ‘An Ode to Perfection’, Bank on Art Gallery, New Delhi, the 2008 ‘Intensity in Diversity’, Domus Art Gallery, New Delhi, 2008 ‘Labours of Soulmates: What Are You ?’, Creative Platforms, Bangalore, 2008 ‘Continum’, in support of Udayan Care at New Delhi and many more. Kruti has also received the (2006-07) National Level Scholarship from the Lalit Kala Akademi.



kruti_20j_bigKruti almost breaks the monotony of the habit of the common man to see everyday objects. She presents them in an all together different way that leaves the viewer awe struck. These various juxtapositions probe you to look at the painting for hours and find meaning, each ones own meaning to the image that is projected in front of you. This fusion of two very different objects that come together and mingle into one another gives a feeling as if there is some kind of conversation between the two. It seems as if each object is questioning each other’s identity and their existence. It is not humorous, but the sheer contrasting ideas that are put together seem to make the viewer laugh at its weirdness.  Mukherjee has painted a picture that speaks a thousand words and those words form a story that the viewer completes. Kruti has used bright colours which add to the liveliness of the objects in her painting. What do you have to say about them?

Mithu Sen

Friday, July 24th, 2009 | Author:

Mithu Sen is considered one of India’s finest and most dynamic contemporary artists. She is born in 1971 in West Bengal and has secured her Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in painting from Kala Bhavan at Santiniketan. She later did a postgraduate program at the Glasgow School of Art on the Charles Wallace India Trust Award.

Sen is known for her thought provoking paintings that always keep the onlooker pondering over the country’s social values. There is also an element of humour to her painting that is snickering, asking the viewer what do we do as human beings? She reveals the reveal all the social, emotional, political, and fundamental aspects of identity and of human being in general.

She feels that a new piece of art opens up new possibilities, new meanings, and a new realm and that nothing can be more interesting than becoming a part of it. She is worked on a wide range of media including drawing, collage, sculptural projects, and installation.

Also she is quite experimentative in her work and her solos ‘Can We Really Look beyond the Map’ in New Delhi (2000) and ‘Unbelongings’ in Glasgow (2001), and ‘I Hate Pink’ among others are a testimony to that.  In her work, she also suggests the influence of society on our identity and development. Sen’s works are often a characteristic of her own self and how she copes with her role as a successful artist. She also brings out the femininity and sexuality in post-modern world on her canvas. There is also a slight hint of sarcasm which prompts the onlookers to play with the ideas and meanings of ‘self’

Ved Gupta

Thursday, July 23rd, 2009 | Author:

Ved Gupta is a young contemporary artist of India who has a different approach to painting. Ved is bold, fearless, and not afraid to raise his voice on behalf of the suppressed. Ved’s paintings are a perception of the reality that prevails in India about the injustices and inequalities that have been prevailing in the country for years together. His basic theme revolves around the plight of the country despite its new success of economic liberalization and globalization.

His paintings are highlighting the bitter reality and are from the perspective of the dispossessed, projecting them as heroic, albeit tragic beings. In an interview Ved quoted “I have always aspired to make a political statement and give back to the society with whatever I did. The language of art provided me with a way of expressing that and connecting with the society.”

Born in 1975 in Narkatiagunj, Bihar, Ved always weaved a dream of becoming an engineer, but he failed to fulfill it. After leaving Bihar, he traveled to New Delhi and then Pilani, Rajasthan where he spent time with a sculptor. This was the time when Ved started his fascinating journey, which led him to understand various shades of human emotions like the feeling of loneliness and desperation attached with the phenomenon of migration and this is what is reflected in his beautiful paintings and sculptures. Ved later did his post-graduation in sculpture from the Faculty of Fine Arts, M.S. University, Vadodara, where he got a gold medal. He has also won numerous honors including the H.K. Kejriwal award and the Kashi Award for Visual Art (2007).

Ved’s work has been featured at many exhibitions. He was among the five Indian artists who showcased their works under the ‘Best of Discovery’ section at the Shanghai Contemporary show.