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Art Galleries in Chennai

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Art galleries play an important role in the people’s understanding of the real essence of art and make them appreciate their culture. Public or privately-owned, a gallery showcases paintings most of the time. But, some also showcase other artworks that are still valuable part of the world of art. These galleries are favorite destinations for visitors coming from other countries because this is also one way of knowing the culture and tradition of the country. Many institutions are also having trips to galleries to make their students deepen their understanding on art and inspiring them to bring out the artists in them. Art galleries are will lighted just so the people will be able to clearly see the arworks being exhibited. Some also go to these galleries to purchase artworks that are good collections for home decoration. Galleries also offer other services such as trainings and seminars depending on their capacity and some have their own library as well as conservation laboratories.

Art Galleries in Chennai Art World the Fine Art Gallery

This gallery was established in 1997 and since then they have contributed to the promotion of Indian art to the rest of the world. They display various artworks of various artisists. Somehow, they have contributed to tourism with its effort of making India known to other countries in the field of art. The place house different exhibitions and is very accessible for viewers who would want to visit the place.

Location: # 1/2, 3rd Street, off Cenotaph Road, Ganeshpuram, Teynampet, Chennai, Tamilnadu 600018, India

The Faraway Tree Gallery

This gallery boasts of its collection of contemporary Indian art. The hallway is very spacious enough to give emphasis on the various art displays. They exhibit not only paintings but also other works of art such as paper works. They have a collection of works from various artists from both nivce artists as well as the professional ones. They also take pride in their collection of limited edition artworks.

Location: The Faraway Tree gallery,
7, Rutland Gate 6th Street,
Chennai – 600006, India.

Padmaa Tanjore Arts Gallery

Padmaa is focused more on the Thanjavur School of painting. They feature oil painting, portrait, Mysore, and glass painting. The gallery has also participated in many art compeitions around the world have successfully won most of it. They also feature a studio that offers lessons on Tanjore painting. They have different kinds of art works in their collections and all coming from different artists.

Location: Shop No. 30, 1st Floor Jain Plaza, No: 124/63, Pondy Bazzar, T.Nagar, Chennai – 600017.

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