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Acrylic Painting

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panopticism-paintingIt was in 1950s that acrylics were first available. However that time they were mineral spirit-based paints. Later on, water-based acrylic paints were available in the market. These paints were used as house paints in Mexico. Later, artists started to use these mediums in art and painting. Today, acrylic painting has become an art genre in itself and more and more painters are experimenting with this versatile medium.

Acrylic painting is done with the help of acrylic paint tubes and though the painting can look similar to an oil painting or a water colour painting, they have their own unique look and feel that makes them distinctive!

Acrylic paints have the quality of being flexible and adaptable and can be used directly from the tubes or can also be mixed with water. Acrylic paints can be used on many types of surfaces. With this medium, you can use so many styles and brush strokes that you yourself will be amazed at the variety these paints will give you.

guran-gardens-two-acrylic-paintingThis is what you will broadly need to do an acrylic painting: A set of Acrylic Paint Tubes (easily available in the market), paint brushes of number 4 and 8 (flat) and 4 and 12 (round), Canvas board, cotton cloth and other essentials required for painting like pencils, eraser, brush holders, water holder, jars, palette etc. If you wish to make a beautiful colourful collage, try mixing acrylic paints with glue, the visual effect that it will give in a collage will be very appealing! A thick layer of acrylic paint will give a glossy finish to it while using a thin transparent layer will give a matte finish! What is most important while using acrylic paintings is that you should only squeeze that much colour out of the tube that is required. This is because acrylic colours dry very quickly. Blending colours in acrylic needs to be done fast because once applied these colors dry very quickly.

Acrylic and oil paintings look similar however there is a difference in the paint methodology. The main advantage that acrylics have is that they dry fast as compared to oil paints. Acrylic paints are also used a lot in mixed media than oil paints. You need to add turpentine to oil paints while acrylic paints can be directly used. However, the typical blend of colours that you get in oil painting is not achieved in acrylics.

Amisha Mehta

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Amisha Mehta is a name which strikes the chord when thinks of colors and its effect on us – color therapy. Amisha’s works are full of vibrant paintings that catch your attention and emotion as well!

Amisha concentrates on the five elements of nature namely fire, water, air, earth and space in her paintings through which she evokes certain emotions in her viewers.

Amisha strongly believes in the healing power of colors. Her paintings have an emotional impact on the human mind and make you feel connected. lotus

She uses all the seven colors of a rainbow with its hues and shades in her paintings. The concentric circles of various bright colors makes you mesmerized. She feels that colors can have a positive impact on our mind and they can instill a lot of optimism in us.

untitledbHolding a degree in applied arts, Amisha worked as a visualizer in an ad agency before she decided to plunge into fine arts completely. Today, Amisha is glad that she has taken this step to explore her creativity and heal people through the use of colors. In fact, Amisha has recently worked on furniture pieces as well which are based on color and light therapy. transcendence

In her latest exhibition, Amisha has blended ancient art and symbolism with modern tools and techniques in a way where people can connect with the paintings.


Even though Amisha’s works may seem abstract, they sure establish some connect with the human psyche. Amisha’s work is truly unusual and different that catches attention and strikes a chord with your inner self.

Ganesha Paintings

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The favorite Hindu God known for his charismatic presence in homes is certainly a welcome sign in most Indian homes. Paintings for homes with the Ganesha theme are very common. These can be framed in the living room or extended to the puja room where we can also keep them in the midst of Ganesha idols. The splendor of colors makes the painting more enhancing.


Ganesha painting is deft strokes by exponents are done exclusively in black and white charcoal or sketches. This is a simple way to adorn the walls. Reputed artists also contribute their paintings of the elephant God with a bit of abstract tendencies by the essence is well retained in any concept.


Tapestry paintings are another common wall adornment in India. The fabric colors or textile painting is a wonderful piece of art which is also the ethnic form of painting from India. With more than 108 names of Ganesha forming his virtues, the various mood of Ganpati can be seen.


There are paintings of Ganesha in oil and water colors too which gives the glimpse of Ganesha in a variety or expressions. Most painters also concentrate on facial features rather than sketching out the entire body form of Ganesha. The images of Ganesha are seen as dancing, aggressive thandav dance or the pleasant faced Ganesha. There are other forms where he is accompanied by a consort or other mythological characters surround the theme.


There are various forms of Ganesha paintings mainly in Kalamkari, Tanjore, Batik and also Glass paintings. There are unusual blends and the painters are yet exploring art works to bring out the best paint forms of the benevolent Ganesha. The adornments of Lord Ganesha and the jewelry also gives a lot of grandeur to any painting style.

famous paintings

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Famous paintings by Indian artists are collectibles for an art lover. One is able to understand the underlying meaning of colors, abstractness and the melody of the painting the painter wishes to convey and this is quite a passion for people who love to invest in paintings. Famous paintings have been a tradition of India which was earlier patronized by the rulers and kingly royals. Nowadays paintings are getting an international recognition as there are several mediums to connect the artist and the art lover.


The theme of the paintings of Tyeb Mehta and the celebration of the figures he paints speaks about his dimension of art. His creativity is exemplified and the paintings are usual sold at a high price. Some rich paintings can also be seen during the Moghul era and the Mysore paintings are also a rich tradition. Art schools also are getting more recognition and the enrolment in this stream is increasing.


Batik paintings are one of the ethnic styles that are very typically Indian. The paintings are quite a process to go through. The Ajanta murals seem to be the work of great artists and the unsung heroes will never be known and history beckons us to the rich tradition. There are more concepts in the Phad paintings and the tribal art ones. The painting style is also related to the earlier prevailing time and this is suited to the international climate.


The effects of paint, canvas and form is all related to the style of painting that goes from depicting surreal expressions to bold caricature or abstract forms. Charcoal, wood and the recent acrylic medium in paintings shows the renaissance and is symbolic of the effects of change brought in by famous painters. The miniature paintings of the Moghul era, the cave style painting of Ellora and the classic style employed in the Tanjore paintings of South India are examples of exquisite ethnic paintings.

Abstract art

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I always wonder about the term abstract. What is abstract? What defines abstract in the world of art? Does abstract mean deriving meaning out of a few lines sketched onto the paper or is it something that moves away from the figures that we have been seeing on paper since a long time, moving away from reality? Abstract art to me is a reality that comes out from the subconscious trying to hide what it actually wants to say.

Is abstract art dying? Nothing in art actually dies; it is there just dormant momentarily. Moreover, as long as reality is there, abstract art is here to stay. There are so many abstract paintings that have reflected reality, artist’s individual experience, and the inner dilemma that many of us are unable to express otherwise. Abstract art is a form, a colour and a composition of imagination on paper. Abstract art that we see today is the exploration that is being influenced by the western artists. That is where it is harmful for any artist. There is a need to explore more within and in our country where there is so much scope for abstract art.

Abstract art was criticized for a long time because many artists plunged into it without really understanding the very basics of the abstraction. Artists who were into spiritualism or in mysticism painted abstract art without knowing and realizing what they are actually painting Many artists have no idea of the philosophy of abstract art. Hence abstract art, even though it is abstract in nature, has some foundations and only after one has seen and studied great works of art for ages, will one know what abstract art is all about.

The art of Batik painting

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batik_painting_qd89_lIndian art is a mélange of a lot of different styles of painting originated from varied parts of the country. Indian art has its roots in the antediluvian styles which are prevalent even today. The scope of these styles of art is wide considering its modern uses on clothes and accessories. One such art style is the art of Batik painting. Batik art is a widely used on textiles in India. Artists and craftsmen use this wax-resist dyeing technique on paper and cloth to bring out some of the best designer prints.


In India, one will be mesmerized with the exquisite Batik painted wall hangings which are found especially in the state of Rajasthan and Gujarat. Goddess Laxmi and Lord Shiva and other deities are painted usually on cloth or paper using the Batik painting technique.


Batik painting consists of a three stage process that includes waxing, dyeing and de-waxing. There are sub-processes as well. One can trace the designs after stretching the cloth on the frame.


Handmade Batik tapestries of various kinds are made from hand woven threads to give it a special quality. Batik art is three-dimensional.  It has features of profundity and texture. Batik print is done on saris, bed sheets, covers, wall hangings, shawls, etc.


Batik painted fabric is known for its strength and durability. Batik artists have creative freedom as the patterns in this art are drawn rather than weaved. Batik art has symbols and many traditional Batik pieces are mystically influenced.

Landscape prints

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Landscape initially was a term used by artists to denote the natural land forms. This includes the plains, valleys, mountains and hills, deserts, marshlands, farmlands, plateaus, etc. a large number of artists have created valuable artworks depicting the various aspects of the land on which human beings tread. However, today landscape artwork is said to also encompass the urban structures, as well as the natural land-scenes.


Before the days of photography artists used to carry their canvas boards, stands, paints and brushes to the outdoors and paint the view in front of them. What was amazing is that they would have a photographic memory with regards to the spot they intend depicting through their artistic skills. This was important so as to maintain uniformity in the painting in order to create a near-to-life artwork.

There were also artists who would create paintings of landscapes, depicting a land form that they would imagine. For instance, some landscape paintings created out of imagination include those with excessive color, as well as uniqueness in the type of land they have depicted, which in many cases have been a contrast to what their actual surroundings have been.

Since, only a few people could own the original landscape paintings by historic artists, people started having them photographed, with dozens of copies printed. This way a lot more people could enjoy these paintings and thus, was initiated the concept of landscape art prints.

However, today landscape art prints encompass not only digital pictures of original landscape paintings, but also prints of photographs of the various forms of land. Some creative landscape photographers in fact depict the land in front of them with people in various poses and postures. For instance, to depict the actual aridness of barren land, a photographer generally uses a model dressed in blacking, probably digging through the cracks in the land.

Outdoor art prints : When using the term outdoor art prints it has two basic implications, being: Those prints that are used to decorate the outdoors. Or rather those put up as means of advertising. For instance, the film posters put up on public walls.
Those prints that contain pictures of the outdoor. This includes landscapes, seascapes, nature, etc.
Whatever, it may imply, outdoor art prints in general play an essential role in almost every person’s life. For instance, in the first type of outdoor art prints, whereby the reference is to film publicity posters or banners and other forms of printed publicity for public display have played a major role in the success of a venture. As it is said the first step to a venture’s success is the packaging.

Thus, if the posters look attractive and lure people to theater halls, then surely for the first couple of weeks the film’s success is ensured, after that it is dependent on the viewer’s reaction. This is also the case with product launches and public service ad campaigns. The message and visuals have to be captivating in order to make a difference.

In the case of outdoor prints that simply depict the life that exists in the world around, there is a wide variety to select from. These include those of natural surroundings and all forms of wildlife, as well as aspects of urban city life as witnessed on the streets; and also the rustic rural living conditions. These are just a few examples of the kind of outdoor prints one can select from.

Since eras, art depicting the outside world have been placed in almost every home of every class of society. It is said that this type of prints or pictures play a major role in synchronizing man’s internal existence with his external surroundings.

Framed prints of original art

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There are a number of art dealers in India who stock up framed art prints of original arts. These are rather expensive, but is an option art connoisseurs usually look for. Many people would rather purchase already framed pictures instead of having them framed themselves. This is because the framing expert working for art dealers know exactly what kind of frame goes well with the art print.

Apart from being available at varied reputed art dealers, framed art prints of original arts are also auctioned at various india art galleries from time-to-time. The main purpose for such auctions is to firstly, get the best price for an invaluable piece of art; and secondly, to be able to get enough funds for a charitable organization.

This may sound strange, but the fact is that when an artist or painter auctions their piece of art, it is to raise a large sum of money to be given as charity. So to speak a large number of reputed artists create works of Indian art in support of various charitable organizations.

Framed art prints of original arts can be custom made, as per specifications. Dealers and artists specializing in the framed art prints are generally sourced out through interior designers. Most interior designers work on a specific theme according to which they place orders for art prints.

In fact, when working for restaurants and hotels, as well as hospitals, one can notice that the corridors and various sections have art prints with a common theme, or a series of a particular theme, with common type of framing. It is the common framing that actually connects one art print to another.

Giclee fine art prints : Giclee, pronounced as zhee-clay, is a high-resolution reproduction, which is done on a specially designed format printer. Giclee fine art prints are created from digital scans of the original piece of art. In fact these art prints are considered to have created a new medium for art that is vibrant and seems animated. It is a perfect option for modern day artwork.

Giclee fine art prints can be reproduced on any kind of medium that includes canvas and transparent acetates. These prints are commonly brighter than the older types and are said to have a longer life span than the others. While the older types of prints had a lot of graining, these new age prints have an extremely high resolution, making them have a continuous vibrant tone.

In the older form of printing also known as lithography, miniscule dots of four colors were used to create the final print. These are cyan, magenta, yellow and black. However in the case of the giclee prints, superior inkjet technology is employed using six colors. These are a light shade of cyan, cyan, light magenta, magenta, yellow and black.

These prints are generally produced by using 8 to 12 color ink-jet printers. These printers have been engineered to produce minutely detailed prints for fine art. Most artists nowadays employ this type of art prints, as it is not too expensive to have a large number of high-resolution prints produced in a relatively short period of time. Another important aspect is the ability to produce prints in any size without distorting the work of fine art.

Fine art prints

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To define fine art would be limiting all the creative efforts that go into bringing about the fine works of art. But, to put in basic terms it encompasses paintings created by maestros primarily on canvas. It engulfs the beautiful landscapes, gracious seascapes, the grace of nature in forms of the animals, birds and other natural forms of life and life-like portraits and paintings of human beings.

Why is it described as fine art? This is because, basically this form of art call for immense precision clubbed with creative genius. For most, oil painting is about simply taking oil paint and creating pictures. But, ask an artist and you will realize how much more effort is required. There are layers and layers of paint that need to be put onto canvas to bring out the final picture. And this is probably why the actual works of art are priced exorbitantly.

Fine art prints on the other hand are rather inexpensive. Basically, most fine art artists permit some photographers to click pictures of their original works and have the prints produced claiming copyrights for the same. These prints are then sold or exhibited on online art galleries and the artists earn a royalty. The digital fine art prints are available in varied sizes, some custom made as per specifications, while others are made in standard sizes, most of which of the same size as the original painting.

Fine art prints seem to be a perfect option for art connoisseurs who cannot afford original works of arts. Most people feel that they need not spend on these prints, as they could probably visit an exhibition and click photos of paintings they like. However, this cannot and should not be done, because this task is assigned to only a few photographers who are generally assigned the task on a contractual basis, keeping in mind certain terms and conditions, thereby ensuring that the art prints are not being misused.

HTML clipboard If one cannot afford the original work of art by an artist whom they admire most, then the next option for them is to select from the artists fine art photographic prints. Basically, there are photographers who specialize in clicking pictures of fine art and then reproducing them as prints for various art dealers.

This is obviously done after seeking permission from the artists. In fact these photographers are generally bound by a legal contract. They may enter this contract with the art dealer or the artist directly.

Photographers are linked with art dealers, for ancient works of art. Basically, large scale art dealers source out the antique pieces of art and then auction the original. However, to reap in further profits they hire a specialized photographer to click pictures of the artwork. They then have them framed and then sell them at affordable prices.

In case an art dealer does not have fine art photographic prints of a particular artist’s work, they would then have it sourced out from other dealers. Generally speaking, art dealers form a small professional community around the world. It is not too difficult to network with others to bring to you what you desire.

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Art Prints

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African american art prints

Though Christopher Columbus is stated to have discovered America, according to the history textbooks, yet the facts remain that it was completely exploited and discovered by every one of the immigrants who steered their ship to this land. Apart from the numerous Europeans, the Africans are amongst the oldest of migrants to the American shores.

However, while Europeans carved for themselves a respectable place in American society, the Africans were accepted as slaves. This was primarily because of the color of the skin, as well as the fact that they were not well educated, or not educated at all. The reason for this being that the continent of Africa has been rich in natural resources, but it has taken way too long to pull the original inhabitants out of the jungle-way of living.

African American art print says the story of the mass African migration to America. The pictures bring the stark reality of their adjustments and suffering. They have always had to face the brunt of racism, which still exists today at a lower degree then was the case. But then, the American life was surely better for them, as they were given education.

Though the original African migrants had to face the ugly part of racism, today it is different. The generation next of African Americans are educated and hold important positions in various companies and governmental departments. The African American art prints work as photo essays of the progression from slavery to rubbing shoulders with the American man.

The African American art prints of the times gone by depicted these migrants as slaves, living in shambles and misery, finding away to make home out of this strange land. And today the picture shows these very dark skinned people achieving by leaps and bounds. In fact some of the biggest names in the world of music are those who belong to vast African American community!

Art deco prints
There are some prints that are specially created to bring about an artistic ambience. By artistic ambience is meant a surrounding that can take an individual beyond his present scenario into a world of fantasy and joy. It takes the viewer to a world of color and vibrancy, thoughtfulness. And as many would state artful pictures have the power to take an individual closest to their soul.

This is one of the reasons why people are particular about the art deco prints they select. For them sitting in front of a print with a magical scenery can take them into depths of meditation without having to shut their eyes.

In general, people are found to prefer art deco prints with landscape and seascape. This is because in times of stress or tension they just comfortably focus on the art print hung in front of them and travel through the scenery as though it’s a peaceful and calming walk through the woods, mountains, or at sea.

Apart from the therapeutic aspects of art deco prints, they also accentuate the general beauty of a well-decorated room. In fact without artful prints put up on the wall, the room wood seem incomplete. Most interior decorators go personally with their client to select art prints for the walls to ensure that the pictures are in keeping with theme of the room.

Black art prints

Though they maybe considered the poorest of civilizations to have ever existed, yet they become a part of every photographer’s portfolio. Most photographers claim that there is a sort of romanticism attached to the dark skinned people; or the black people. The fact is that Africa in general is an extremely wealthy continent, but its original inhabitants have been impoverished by the power of the white nations.

Their determination and fight for survival is depicted in almost every one of the black art prints that have ever been created. If well photographed then one can see a will to fight what they have been put through. And yet at the same time their body speaks of resignation to their fate. The slender and almost skeletal bodies of the young ones depict the scarcity in a land rich in natural resources. There is every way for them to survive, and yet no one can find a solution.

Black art prints tend to bring out the reality of human suffering. They generally form a part of the interior décor of various non-governmental organizations. This is because primarily, these pictures remind each visitor how fortunate they are. It creates a feeling of sympathy thereby erupting in people actions of generosity. Apart from being put up in various commercial organizations, there are people who frame such pictures in their homes.

No, it is not only homes of the black immigrants who have migrated to white lands for better prospects, but also the white man collects black art prints. As mentioned above it is a reminder of how fortunate one is with whatever they have, in comparison to those who do not have at all.

Christian art prints
According to many people, Christian art prints are limited to pictures of Jesus and Mother Mary, however, this is not the case. In fact artists of eras gone by have depicted various episodes narrated in bible into picture forms. So to speak they have painted scenes that occurred according to the bible and other Christian texts.

The most prominent biblical painting is that of the last supper. It has been recreated on by innumerable artists through the various eras. However, these paintings are easily available at affordable rates in the form of art prints. One can have the print created in a size as per the requirement.

Apart from this a number of artists have also painted scenes that depict the existence of Adam and Eve and the snake that enticed them into consuming the forbidden fruit. The best of art prints are displayed in the churches, as well as convent schools.

Instead of putting up paintings at home, most followers of the Christian faith constantly source out unique Christian arts that they feel keeps them closer to the pious way of living. They considered these prints as constant reminders of Jesus’ sacrifice for humanity.