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Sajal Sarkar

Saturday, March 20th, 2010 | Author:


b2f004a4Contemporary Indian art is growing in a big way and new artists are emerging as Indian art embarks a new global journey through its paintings. One such contemporary Indian art artists of the recent times is Kolkata born Sajal Sarkar.

Be it oil, charcoal or any other medium, Sajal’s work shows a lot of experimentation not just with the medium but with the message as well. He thoughtfully weaves his cobweb to create a vivid representation of his subjects.

In Sarkar’s work, you will mostly see male figures with accentuated features. Neither vulgar nor sensational, these figures represent strength and are aesthetic in their form. His lines are bold, strong and often quite simple but it is this simplicity that represents the male form. sajal_33l_big

Sarkar uses female forms occasionally.Most of the female forms used in his works are seen alongside the male figures. Even the colors that are used in his paintings are bright making the picture look real and vivacious.

Sajal Sarkar graduated in Art paintings from the Government College of Art and Craft there in 1989 after which he spent four years working at the Lalit Kala Akademi Studio in Kolkata as a practicing artist. In 1993, he later moved to Baroda to pursue his Post Diploma in Graphics (Printmaking).

sajal_34w_bigHe did his diploma in graphics so that he could experiment with various mediums. As he graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts at M.S. University at Baroda, his interests widened and he began visual experimentation in contemporary Indian art. Sarkar has had numerous exhibitions and shows. He is awarded the Bendre Husain Scholarship and a Junior Fellowship from the Ministry of HR Development, Govt. of India, in 1995-97. Sajal Sarkar is an ode to Indian art.

Emerging Indian artists: Kruti Mukherjee

Friday, August 28th, 2009 | Author:

kruti_12v_bigBorn on March 23, 1980 in  Bhavnagar, Gujarat, Kruti holds a Masters in Fine Arts (Creative Painting), from the University of Baroda and a Bachelors in Fine Arts (Painting) from the same university. Kruti has participated in many exhibitions, the recent one being the 2009 ‘An Ode to Perfection’, Bank on Art Gallery, New Delhi, the 2008 ‘Intensity in Diversity’, Domus Art Gallery, New Delhi, 2008 ‘Labours of Soulmates: What Are You ?’, Creative Platforms, Bangalore, 2008 ‘Continum’, in support of Udayan Care at New Delhi and many more. Kruti has also received the (2006-07) National Level Scholarship from the Lalit Kala Akademi.



kruti_20j_bigKruti almost breaks the monotony of the habit of the common man to see everyday objects. She presents them in an all together different way that leaves the viewer awe struck. These various juxtapositions probe you to look at the painting for hours and find meaning, each ones own meaning to the image that is projected in front of you. This fusion of two very different objects that come together and mingle into one another gives a feeling as if there is some kind of conversation between the two. It seems as if each object is questioning each other’s identity and their existence. It is not humorous, but the sheer contrasting ideas that are put together seem to make the viewer laugh at its weirdness.  Mukherjee has painted a picture that speaks a thousand words and those words form a story that the viewer completes. Kruti has used bright colours which add to the liveliness of the objects in her painting. What do you have to say about them?

Art workshops

Saturday, July 11th, 2009 | Author:

Art is said to be one of the primary human qualities. Art workshops strive towards opening mind towards the mysterious reality. We humans tend to love and appreciate beautiful things. Some of those humans, in reality, create those beautiful things and those humans are called artists. But in order to create those things one needs to take an initiative. Art workshops are one of those things which help in making one take that initiative. In India, there are good number of wide-ranging workshops which offer guidance and training in diverse forms of arts. These workshops are designed keeping in view individuals’ preferences, age, talent and inclination.

Art workshops are as follows-

The most common art workshops are dedicated to painting. Different form of paintings are taught and explained in these workshops. Some art workshops focus on water Color Painting where the basics are explained along with the materials used in paintings. Experienced teachers emphasize on different objects like landscapes, drawing and various application techniques of watercolor. Few other workshops specialize in Warli Painting which is a form of traditional painting. Workshops invite Warli tribal painters who guide course attendants in history, symbolism used and style of this form of painting. 

Oil painting workshops: detailed study of oil colors is covered in these workshops. Different techniques of oil on canvas painting, materials to be used, abstract paintings, drawings in various forms of life and nature are primary themes taught in these workshops. Miniature Painting workshops: under this workshop students are taught to create miniature drawing with the help of particular tools and drawing paper. Students are expected to have awareness of balanced human outline sketches. Truly an enjoyable workshop!

Calligraphy workshop: – calligraphy is an ancient art which is quite popular amongst art learners. This workshop acts as an eye opener about the wonderful possibilities calligraphy holds within. Here again, strokes and materials to be used as well as history of Roman and Devnagri scripts are taught about. Apart from above mentioned workshops, there are few other workshops specializing in different others arts and crafts like Pottery workshop, where students are trained in entire process of pottery making. Cartooning workshops teach basics of cartoon drawing.

Online Art Auctions

Wednesday, June 10th, 2009 | Author:

The world art market has witnessed a tremendous growth in purely business sense. The price of art works has reached roof and this trend is giving no signs of slowing down. The art market is slightly thawed because of recession factor but sooner than later things are bound to be heated once again. The Indian art market is no exception to this phenomenon. Indian art market has been flooded with increasing flow of money and excited amongst the art aficionados. Indian art has been in constant demand both within the country as well as on international platforms. One of the reasons behind this mad rush is online art auctions. The demand for Indian art has led to numerous art galleries adopting the online selling mode. Large numbers of art buyers are based in aboard and to cater to their demands online auctions fit the bill perfectly.


According to one survey, a work of art is being purchased every 26 hours on popular auction portal That is just one example. This has also helped in emergence of several talented Indian artists. These unknown artists can now look forward to list their work on websites and find the suitable buyers. Online art auctions are relatively a new concept in India. Though, it has been in vogue for a long time on global stage. Advent of technology has made Indian tech-savvy.


This is also very handy for them because now they no longer need to visit art galleries spread across the country. Potential buyers can locate the work on websites and find quotes as well. They can also check the profile of artists and his previous works. Just the thought of looking at huge numbers of art works with one click of mouse is very tempting and exciting. The other facilities, buyers can look forward to is online payment and comparison with other similar art works on various auction portals. The potential of online auction is huge in India and in coming time this trend is destined to firm up further.

Markteting handicraft items

Wednesday, April 29th, 2009 | Author:

Hobby ideas can be converted into entrepreneurship. A few skills and business sense is vital for marketing handicraft items. Investment is a necessary way of financing. Raw materials can be brought in bulk purchases to reap the benefits of bargain. Small scale start up business can be looked from home itself. As business picks up it would be necessary to employ people and also look for industrial galas or affordable shops.


Displaying the artifacts at prominent places is important. In case you have your own outfit at a mall or shopping arcade half of the advertisement is taken care of. Annual discounts or sale pricing will ensure good sales. Co branding is also a great idea and can be looked up during festive times. Interesting offers will enhance business.


Corporate gift items can also be looked into as an opportunity like candles, pottery work, minakari work or other clay art. Ensuring quality and novel ideas of presentation is a good way to promote business. Good will certainly assures increasing business opportunities and innovation is an important ingredient. Wrapping ideas and specification of bulk orders will also be necessary to adhere to formal standards.



Handicraft items like needle work on cushions covers, embroidery and tie-dye patterns are interesting show cases. Wood sculpture or carvings with aromatic sandalwood craft work is also a common inclusion. Idols are very common displays in handicraft shops especially of Ganpati, dancing Natraj or the childlike form of Krishna. Paintings or beaded jewelry can also be looked as an option to make the choice varied.


Fabric painting displays, glass works and pottery forms can also be arranged in a gift shop. Distribution of flyers for exhibitions or discounts is another way of marketing the items. Fairs and strategic alliance with mega shows works to be an advantage.



Gallery Space Presents

Sunday, April 19th, 2009 | Author:
Traveling Exhibition of small format paintings of well known and promising Artists of  India.
Its going to be start from 11th April  will be on view till 25th April 09′
And the participating Artists are:
1.   Akbar                                              13.   Pavan Kumar
2.   Akshay Anand                                  14.   Priti Samyukta
3.   Bala Bhakta Raju                              15.  Ramesh Babu
4.   Bala Subramanyan                            16.  Ramesh Gorjala
5.   Bhasker Rao .B                                 17.  Sadaf Khan
6.   Farhad Tamkanat                               18.  S K. Sarkar
7.   Fawad Tamkanat                                19.  Srikanth Dhunde
8.   Gita                                                   20.   Srinath
9.   Gopal Nayak                                      21.  Sudip Ghosh
10.    Maruthi Paila                                   22.   Sunitha Anand Rao
11.   Nabi Bakhsh Mansoori                      23.   Sweta Pavan
12.   Pandu Masanam
Timings:   11am  -  7pm
Tel: 040 65541836

Landscape prints

Tuesday, April 14th, 2009 | Author:

Landscape initially was a term used by artists to denote the natural land forms. This includes the plains, valleys, mountains and hills, deserts, marshlands, farmlands, plateaus, etc. a large number of artists have created valuable artworks depicting the various aspects of the land on which human beings tread. However, today landscape artwork is said to also encompass the urban structures, as well as the natural land-scenes.


Before the days of photography artists used to carry their canvas boards, stands, paints and brushes to the outdoors and paint the view in front of them. What was amazing is that they would have a photographic memory with regards to the spot they intend depicting through their artistic skills. This was important so as to maintain uniformity in the painting in order to create a near-to-life artwork.

There were also artists who would create paintings of landscapes, depicting a land form that they would imagine. For instance, some landscape paintings created out of imagination include those with excessive color, as well as uniqueness in the type of land they have depicted, which in many cases have been a contrast to what their actual surroundings have been.

Since, only a few people could own the original landscape paintings by historic artists, people started having them photographed, with dozens of copies printed. This way a lot more people could enjoy these paintings and thus, was initiated the concept of landscape art prints.

However, today landscape art prints encompass not only digital pictures of original landscape paintings, but also prints of photographs of the various forms of land. Some creative landscape photographers in fact depict the land in front of them with people in various poses and postures. For instance, to depict the actual aridness of barren land, a photographer generally uses a model dressed in blacking, probably digging through the cracks in the land.

Outdoor art prints : When using the term outdoor art prints it has two basic implications, being: Those prints that are used to decorate the outdoors. Or rather those put up as means of advertising. For instance, the film posters put up on public walls.
Those prints that contain pictures of the outdoor. This includes landscapes, seascapes, nature, etc.
Whatever, it may imply, outdoor art prints in general play an essential role in almost every person’s life. For instance, in the first type of outdoor art prints, whereby the reference is to film publicity posters or banners and other forms of printed publicity for public display have played a major role in the success of a venture. As it is said the first step to a venture’s success is the packaging.

Thus, if the posters look attractive and lure people to theater halls, then surely for the first couple of weeks the film’s success is ensured, after that it is dependent on the viewer’s reaction. This is also the case with product launches and public service ad campaigns. The message and visuals have to be captivating in order to make a difference.

In the case of outdoor prints that simply depict the life that exists in the world around, there is a wide variety to select from. These include those of natural surroundings and all forms of wildlife, as well as aspects of urban city life as witnessed on the streets; and also the rustic rural living conditions. These are just a few examples of the kind of outdoor prints one can select from.

Since eras, art depicting the outside world have been placed in almost every home of every class of society. It is said that this type of prints or pictures play a major role in synchronizing man’s internal existence with his external surroundings.

Awadhesh Misra – Solo Show

Friday, April 03rd, 2009 | Author:

Awadhesh Misra

+91 94150 22724


Gallery Hasta

10, ICRISAT Colony, Rd No 11, Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad- 500 045

Inauguration on Wednesday, April 08, 2009

on view till 9th to 13th April 2009, 2 to 7 pm

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