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Glass Paintings

Tuesday, May 12th, 2009 | Author:

India is a land of art, craft, culture, tradition and religion. It has wide range of artistic forms. However, the artistic foundation in India is as old as 2000 years or more. A person can find the artistic traditions of India hidden in its diversified cultures, regions, traditions and religions of ancient times. The history of the Indian art depicts stories of the times even before the papers and brushes came into existence. In olden days, the art was practiced in India on the leaves of the palm tree where varied illustrations and textures were created.


Gradually came the evolution of Glass painting. It all started around 18th and 19th century when the western world, Europe had already mastered in the field of glass painting. One of the Chinese artist learned this art form Europe and this helped China to export quality paintings to Europe. During that time, India was sharing very strong trade relationship with China, which helped in getting this unique and extraordinary form of art to India.


Initially the local artists who were involved in painting the famous stories and epics on the glass mainly used glass painting. One of the most common forms of the glass paintings is that of Lord Ganesha painting. Glass painting requires special kind of glass, which was especially imported from countries like Britain and Belgium.


Glass painting was majorly based on either the European themes or the Traditional themes. These mainly included either the pictures of God or epics like Ramayana or European portraits, which ultimately created a big market and were very high on demand.  Some Northern and Southern regions of India are still very popular for Glass painting practice.  


Times will go and come but this unique form of art will still be there to tell the stories of our ancestral past.



Indian Art – A History of its own

Sunday, May 10th, 2009 | Author:

Indian Arts is said to be the art form that holds traditions and oldest history among all the art forms in the world.  The Indian paintings, crafts, fine arts, and sculptures, has created international fan following for India. The aspect of art in India is highly realistic.

Architecture and Rock cut art was an important step taken for the progress of Indian art, initiated by the Buddhists and inspired Jains and Hindus who built similar kind of structures like Ajanta, Elephanta, Ellora, Badami, etc. Visual art form Painting started with rock painting at Stone Age. Mughal painting, Madhubani painting, Mysore painting, Tanjore painting, Rajput painting are some of the notable Genres to Indian Art.

The music another art form of India has two variants, which are classical style and folk style. The diversity seen in musical system is also visible in Indian dance forms. It is said that Indian dances contains traditions and history compared to any dance form in the world. Creativity is an aesthetic concept. It is an idea that can be heard, felt and seen. Through various mediums such as painting, metalwork, pottery, weaving, paper-art and designing objects such as toys and jewelry represents tribal and Folk art in India. The Richness of Yoga, which is indeed an art form, now followed in every part of the world, was observed in India.

There are various art foundations established in India with a motive to spread awareness of various art forms in society. They organize art camps in order to propagate art knowledge and culture. These Institutes not only encompasses all forms of Indian arts, but also offers degrees in, studio arts, creative writing, museum studies and visual communications. These institutes promote new breed of artists, with famous names. Art India Foundation and Indira Gandhi Institute for India Arts are some of the examples of such organizations.