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To define fine art would be limiting all the creative efforts that go into bringing about the fine works of art. But, to put in basic terms it encompasses paintings created by maestros primarily on canvas. It engulfs the beautiful landscapes, gracious seascapes, the grace of nature in forms of the animals, birds and other natural forms of life and life-like portraits and paintings of human beings.

Why is it described as fine art? This is because, basically this form of art call for immense precision clubbed with creative genius. For most, oil painting is about simply taking oil paint and creating pictures. But, ask an artist and you will realize how much more effort is required. There are layers and layers of paint that need to be put onto canvas to bring out the final picture. And this is probably why the actual works of art are priced exorbitantly.

Fine art prints on the other hand are rather inexpensive. Basically, most fine art artists permit some photographers to click pictures of their original works and have the prints produced claiming copyrights for the same. These prints are then sold or exhibited on online art galleries and the artists earn a royalty. The digital fine art prints are available in varied sizes, some custom made as per specifications, while others are made in standard sizes, most of which of the same size as the original painting.

Fine art prints seem to be a perfect option for art connoisseurs who cannot afford original works of arts. Most people feel that they need not spend on these prints, as they could probably visit an exhibition and click photos of paintings they like. However, this cannot and should not be done, because this task is assigned to only a few photographers who are generally assigned the task on a contractual basis, keeping in mind certain terms and conditions, thereby ensuring that the art prints are not being misused.

HTML clipboard If one cannot afford the original work of art by an artist whom they admire most, then the next option for them is to select from the artists fine art photographic prints. Basically, there are photographers who specialize in clicking pictures of fine art and then reproducing them as prints for various art dealers.

This is obviously done after seeking permission from the artists. In fact these photographers are generally bound by a legal contract. They may enter this contract with the art dealer or the artist directly.

Photographers are linked with art dealers, for ancient works of art. Basically, large scale art dealers source out the antique pieces of art and then auction the original. However, to reap in further profits they hire a specialized photographer to click pictures of the artwork. They then have them framed and then sell them at affordable prices.

In case an art dealer does not have fine art photographic prints of a particular artist’s work, they would then have it sourced out from other dealers. Generally speaking, art dealers form a small professional community around the world. It is not too difficult to network with others to bring to you what you desire.

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