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Wood carving has been an ancient art. Earlier wood was used as a chief instrument for hunting by prevalent tribes and later this was aesthetically explored by artistic people. Modern carving is easy with specially crafted automatic knives, engineered moulds and also scientific means of ascertaining proportions. There are several types of carving that is related to different countries.


Painting or giving color to the wooden art form like a bird, basket, figurine or a deity is also part of the art. There are several instruments like chisel, gouge, fish tail, carving knives and blades that aids the process of chipping wood. The works are different from various geographical resemblances that are typical like Africa, Italy or India. Utility items blended with aesthetic value are the remarkable feature of wooden sculpture.


In India, there are several idols or deities that are carved in wood especially in South India and this is a typical way of adorning the temples. Bangalore is famous for its sandalwood carvings that are aromatic and yet the miniature wooden sculpture makes a great gift item. Rosewood is also a part of carving deities. The southies refer the idols as ‘kachankurchi’ where in the idols cannot be bathed (abhishek) on a daily basis.


Wood variety like oak is of the thicker variety and needs a special hardener or chisel to get the form. Bowls, key chain holders, spatulas and also kitchen utensils can be artistically carved out of wood. The polishing is dependable to adjust to use. Wood carving also is a special handicraft work in Northern hilly areas. There are table tops, book stands and also miniature varieties to adorn a show case.


In many areas in India, the local artisans engage in the wooden carvings to eek out a means of living. There are several pieces that attract the attention of foreign tourists visiting India. Monuments also have huge doors infused with wood carvings. Wooden pillars are also common in the medieval age.Several books are also available to guide you on wood carving. This is splendid hobby and a very creative pursuit. 

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