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Indian art was always rich in terms of class and appeal. However, on a worldwide scale we had yet to witness the pinnacle of popularity. But things have changed dramatically in last two decades. Thanks to the modern artists, Indian art has acquired a cult status among the art aficionados all over the world. Artists like M F Hussain, Manjit Bawa and others of same ilk have provided that much needed boost. Now, as they say, Indian art has truly gone international.


There are many prominent people who love to collect artworks. It is not only a good investment but also a way to please one’s aesthetic senses. Many Indian industrialists are known to have wonderful assortment of artworks at their disposal collected from all over the world. Artworks have turned out to be a wonderful investment because of its longitivity and nostalgic feel. A particular art work is created just once and that’s the prime reason why its worth keeps on increasing as years pass by. Several auctions of artwork take place far fetched corners of the world and prices shoot up to dizzying heights. We keep coming across news about some artwork fetching astronomical price from the bidder. Things have definitely changed dramatically.  


The art market is so tempting and ever increasing in nature that collectors and art dealers are wondering whether there will ever be a saturation point. The prime reasons behind this surge are, low supply of quality artworks and increasing world demand. Naturally, Prices will touch the sky. The most intense buyers of Indian art are NRIs dispersed over the globe. Rarity and uniqueness are the prime stimulus behind this unheard of demand. Indian art is definitely making a grand place for itself in the world of arts.

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