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The journey of ‘Art’ has been very eventful. In old days, art was a prerogative of artists and art lovers. It was meant to be appreciated and understood. But time has changed and with that art has also changed its dimensions. Now, it is no longer a part of domain of art aficionados. Today, art is one of the best investments. Infact, many people prefer to invest in art rather than equities and mutual funds. And when it comes to investment who is more apt than financial institutions and corporate.

Art as an investment offers several benefits. First and foremost, art works are rare. For example, Picasso made a certain number of artworks. So the numbers are limited and demand for them keeps increasing. Those who love to collect art works will have to quote a supreme bid to possess such historical pieces. Having said that, many corporate have even started art funds. For art lovers it is a win-win situation. On one hand, they get to fulfill their passion and at the same time they relish the prospect of future returns on this wonderful investment opportunity.

In last few years, prices of art works have witnessed tremendous increase. As far as Indian art scenario is concerned, the industry is growing at a rate of 35 percent annually. That figure is certainly lucrative. The fact that a piece of art will adorn your drawing room instead of the bank further adds to the whole proposition. One can come across several art funds launched in recent years by prestigious names of the industry. Many art galleries are also taking deep interest in art investment with a pre-defined investment period. The financial returns are definitely assured.

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