Art Galleries in Pune

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Art galleries are spacious buildings that display various art works. It is a place where art enthusiasts meet and get to see some of their favorite artists together with their works. Galleries feature art works of any form and some conduct sessions about art. Some galleries and privately owned and some are government owned. Many visitors from foreign countries include art gallery visit to their itenirary when visiting a country. Why? It is because through these art galleries, they come to know more about the culture of the country that they visited. Thus, art galleries have made a great contribution to the promotion of tourism in the city or the nation as a whole. Galleries are also good contributors in the students understanding of the real essence of art since most educational institution schedule visits to art galleries.


Art2Day Art2Day is one of the modern galleries in the city featuring contemporary artworks. It has a wide spacious hall that is well-lit making their exhibits more pleasing to the eyes. They have an array of collection of various artworks created by different artists. This gallery also conduct seminars on and workshops fro the public to deepen more their understanding of art. They have a couple of exhibits scheduled for professional as well as novice artitsts.

Location: ‘Samarth’, 1048,

Near Hirabaug Chowk, Tilak Road,

Shukarwar Peth,

Pune – 411002

Waves Art Gallery

Anjali Moghe as her support established this gallery on year 2000 for rising artists. They host art exhibits offering free platform for artists to display their artworks. It features various artworks from various artists. The gallery aims to bring art closer to the public. They have a wide array of art collection that is available to the public.

Location: 204, 2nd floor, Parmar Trade Centre, Sadhu Vaswani Chowk, Pune 411001, Maharashtra, India

Indiaart Gallery

Iniaart offers a wide array of artwoks from reputable artists. They support new artists in developing their talents with their Emerging Artists Program. They have also published various books that aim at bringing art closer to the public. Their exhibits are scheduled weekly featuring froup of artists as well as individual artists. Aside from paintings, Indiaart also feature other artworks like sculptures.

Location: "Gurukrupa", 70, Shivaji Housing Society, Off Senapati Bapat Road, Pune 411016, India

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Art Galleries in Mumbai

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Art galleries are places where art is being celebrated. It is where you will see the real esence of art. A display of various works from various artists is what you are going to see in art galleries. These galleries are considered tourist destinations since they tell the culture of the whole country or the city. The artists working on their work can also be seen in these galleries and at times, a guest can actually interact with the artists. Truly galleries are home of masterpieces. Some galleries collect fee for those who will enter but some do not. These galleries are favorite places of people who are ino arts and, not only those schools and other institutions arrange some trip to visit galleries. This is one form of educating student about art. One can really appeciate art at its very essence if he is in an art gallery.

Jehangir Art Gallery

Jehangir Art Gallery This art gallery is a tourist attraction in Mumbai. Admission to the gallery is free and it is very accessible. The outisde of the gallery is already very artistic as they have a beautiful white building. The gallery has a big hall that exhibits art works from various famous artists. The gallery also exhibit sculptures that will surely satisfy your hunger for real art. This place has already been part of the city’s culture.

Location: Kalaghoda, Fort, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Sanstache Art Gallery

This art gallery is committed to building trust and transparency among their guests. They exhibit works from well-known artists, those who are just starting and students who are taking up art related courses. It is their aim to contibute to the promotion of Indian art and inspires new artists. Their vision is to ensure excellence, recognize the impact of art on the society, and give opportunity for guests to meet various artists.

Location: Khan Abdul Gaffer Khan Road,
Worli, Mumbai – 400 018

Pundole Art Gallery

This gallery is considered one of the earliest galleries in the whole of India. It is their aim to promote the nation’s art by offering their services for quite some time now. A couple of celebrated artists are affiliated with this gallery since they have a very good reputation in India. They have well promoted the culture of the country especially to visitors coming from other coutries.

Location: 369 Dr. Dadabhai Naoroji Road, Muumbai 400 001

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Art Galleries in Kolkata

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Art galleries are places where various artworks are exhibited for viewing as well as for sale to those who would want to have their preferred piece of work. Galleries are the venue for artists to display their works to the public. Some galleries are free but some are not. Galleiries have contributed a lot to the country’s tourism indtustry because most foreign visitors visit art galleries during their stay. Aside from mere display of artworks, most galleries also conduct workshops and seminars for people who would want to know more about a certain form or school of art. Aside from that, galleries publish books and other literary works in order to bring art and artists more closely to the public. Galleries have a very spacious and well-lit place, which in itself is already very artistic. Most galleries have libraries vailable for use that feature literary works about art as well as artists lives. Some also have their own conservation laboratories for preservation and resoration works of some art pieces.

Aakriti Art Gallery

Aakriti Art Gallery Aakriti has a collection of modern as well as contemporary artworks. They have exhibits scheduled to feature various works of different artists, from the professional artists to starting artists. They sell art works with varying prices depending on he piece and artist. They have the Art Shop that stores books, catalogues and magazines and other memorabilias that are available for the public.

Location: Orbit Enclave, First Floor 12/3A, Picasso Bithi (Hungerford Street) Kolkata-700 017

Gallery Kolkata

Gallery Kolkata was founded in 2004 aiming to bring art closer to the public. The gallery has a wide and spacious alley that gives way for people to really scrutinize each artwork in their display. They boast of their collection of modern as well as contemporary Indian art from various artists. They also support young artists by letting the showcase their works in the gallery. They also provide services for individuals who want to have assistance in choosing a good artwork.

Location: second Floor, Duckback house 41, Shakespeare Sarani, Kolkata – 700017, West Bengal, India

Masters Collection Art Gallery

This art gallery aims to promote contemporary Indian art by tapping artists from all over the country. The gallery has already displayed various solo and group exhibits for renowned artists as well as for young aspiring artists. They have spacious and well-lit galleries making art appreciation more enjoyable. They have developed their website to make their works available for viewing in the web.

Location: Kolkata, India

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Art Galleries in Delhi

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Art gallery is also known as museum this can be public or privately owned. Mostly, an art galley displays paintings of various artists, from the novice to professional artists. Aside from painting, some galleries feature other art works like sculture, furniture, costume, photographs and installation arts on a regular basis. Galleries can be for profit or non-profit. Some sell artworks to their guest and some are just exclusively for exhibiting the work of the artists who wish to display their works. These art galleries are good place to go in educating stuents about art and the culture of Delhi. In fact, some educational institutions arrange for trips to visit art galleries as a way of making their students appriciate art at a different level as well as find out more things about their country’s culture. In addition, art galleries are favorite destinations for visitors from foreign countries since; again, galleries display the culture of the country.

Art Alive Gallery

Art Galleries in Delhi This gallery was established in 2001 was and has been one of the leading modern art galleries in India. They aim to increase the awareness and appreciation of the public on art as well as the artists behind each masterpiece. They also conduct seminars and publish books and other literary works in order to establish a link between the artists and the viewers. They also made their place as a venue for artists to sell their works in their very spacious and clean hall.

Location: S-221 Panchsheel Park, New Delhi – 110017, INDIA

Crafts Museum

Crafts museum exhibit paintings as well as textiles, embroideries, weavings, clay works as well as sculptures. It has a libary of its own and conservation laboratory aimed at repairing and preserving art works. The museum has four different galleries namely Bhuta Sculpture Gallery, Tribal & Folk Art, Ritual Craft Gallery, Courtly Craft Gallery and Textiles Gallery.

Location: Ministry of Textiles, Government of India
Pragati Maidan, Bhairon Road, New Delhi, India

Nature Morte

Nature Morte gallery features artworks from various artists. They have already had a couple of exhibits and shows since they have started. They also have a couple of publications that enhances the public’s awareness and appreciation of the real essence of art and it is a way of linking artists with their supporters. This gallery is open from Monday through Saturday from 10 in the morning until 6 in the evening.

Location: A-1 Neeti Bagh
New Delhi-110049

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Art Galleries in Chennai

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Art galleries play an important role in the people’s understanding of the real essence of art and make them appreciate their culture. Public or privately-owned, a gallery showcases paintings most of the time. But, some also showcase other artworks that are still valuable part of the world of art. These galleries are favorite destinations for visitors coming from other countries because this is also one way of knowing the culture and tradition of the country. Many institutions are also having trips to galleries to make their students deepen their understanding on art and inspiring them to bring out the artists in them. Art galleries are will lighted just so the people will be able to clearly see the arworks being exhibited. Some also go to these galleries to purchase artworks that are good collections for home decoration. Galleries also offer other services such as trainings and seminars depending on their capacity and some have their own library as well as conservation laboratories.

Art Galleries in Chennai Art World the Fine Art Gallery

This gallery was established in 1997 and since then they have contributed to the promotion of Indian art to the rest of the world. They display various artworks of various artisists. Somehow, they have contributed to tourism with its effort of making India known to other countries in the field of art. The place house different exhibitions and is very accessible for viewers who would want to visit the place.

Location: # 1/2, 3rd Street, off Cenotaph Road, Ganeshpuram, Teynampet, Chennai, Tamilnadu 600018, India

The Faraway Tree Gallery

This gallery boasts of its collection of contemporary Indian art. The hallway is very spacious enough to give emphasis on the various art displays. They exhibit not only paintings but also other works of art such as paper works. They have a collection of works from various artists from both nivce artists as well as the professional ones. They also take pride in their collection of limited edition artworks.

Location: The Faraway Tree gallery,
7, Rutland Gate 6th Street,
Chennai – 600006, India.

Padmaa Tanjore Arts Gallery

Padmaa is focused more on the Thanjavur School of painting. They feature oil painting, portrait, Mysore, and glass painting. The gallery has also participated in many art compeitions around the world have successfully won most of it. They also feature a studio that offers lessons on Tanjore painting. They have different kinds of art works in their collections and all coming from different artists.

Location: Shop No. 30, 1st Floor Jain Plaza, No: 124/63, Pondy Bazzar, T.Nagar, Chennai – 600017.

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Mughal Love Paintings

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Mughal paintings are greatly admired and praised for its richness, texture and innovativeness. They were in a different league. Mughal paintings were very stylish and unique. One of the important sub-genres of Mughal paintings was Mughal love paintings. These paintings are very fascinating and will capture your imagination like never before. They had splendid themes and unique styles. One striking aspect about Mughal love paintings is that, they don’t really conform to realism. Imagination and creativity played a much bigger role than realism. However, the themes of these paintings stayed true to periods they were made in.

Mughal love paintings are wonderful illustration of the Mughal era. They give us a glimpse of what that period was all about. The cultures, art, concept of love etc portrayed in these paintings are true specimen of that era. What makes Mughal love paintings even more striking is the unique blend of Indian and Persian style. Themes were provocative as well as informative. Some of the most common themes of love paintings were, love, lovers, courtly lovers in intimate positions, failed love and lovers in a state of despair. The paintings proved to be of immense help to the historians. The artworks are full of luxury, colorful themes, sensuality and physical beauty.

Mughal love paintings give us a glance into the love lives of the kings and queens. Mughal King Jahangir was instrumental in encouraging the love paintings. He had a keen artistic sense. ‘Jahangirnama’ had some of the most amazing paintings reflecting the wonderful art taste of the king. There were renowned Mughal painters who excelled in making love paintings. Govardhan was one of the most famous artists of that era. Similarly, Ustad Mansur created huge impact as a Mughal painter during the 17th Century. The popularity of Mughal love paintings is not just restricted to Indian boundaries. They are loved, appreciated and admired all over the world.

Holiday painting

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Holiday painting is one of the most fascinating and exciting thing painters and art lovers can indulge in. Just as the name suggests, you plan a painting holiday where all you need is a pleasurable time with your canvas and paints. The number of people who can join the group is unlimited. Most artists get together and plan such trips. However, experience suggests that ideally 18 to 20 people can make for a great trip.

Painting holidays is specifically conducted for people who enjoy painting landscapes. Experienced painters as well as amateurs can join enjoy these trips together. Mostly scenic and quiet locations are chosen so that the artist can enjoy his or her painting in an undisturbed location.

Such trips are sometimes organized by tour operators who usually plan the whole trip. After the breakfast, there is an hour long art lecture after which artists are given their materials at a quiet spot where they can paint. Since so many painters come together there is a lot of learning and exchange of relevant information.

A fifteen day painting holiday is also organized where painters are taken through the world’s most astonishing and inspiring locations, where they can paint the mountains, rivers and forests using all kinds of painting methods. For amateurs, there are teachers who assist you to learn all the necessary skills to paint landscapes.

Be it landscapes, portraits, still life, buildings and architecture, forests or anything else a holiday and a leisure painting is a very pleasant experience for all art lovers. It is one holiday that makes you enjoy the colors of nature as you color your canvas!

Paint Brushes – Cleaning and Caring Tips

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Paint brush is more like a weapon in the hands of an artist. Like a warrior who cannot do much without his arms, similarly an artist will be rendered helpless without a paint brush. It is a must-have item for any painting project. If we further elaborate the range and scope of brushes, it can be used in painting your home or can be useful for a simple wood working project. A brush has several uses and in different categories. Having said that, no matter where you are going to use your paint brush, you must invest in good quality brushes. Like everything else, brushes also demand care.


If you want to make your brush last longer, you need to care for it and clean it properly. While you go to buy a brush you need to take into consideration certain factors. First of all, check the length of the brush as that decides the elasticity of it. So while you hold the bristles slightly bent and if they manage to hang together, it means the brush is sufficiently elastic. But if the bristles are flaring out, you should rather avoid it.  The brush should feel full of bristles while you compress it. One more sign of a good brush is presence of split ends.


Before using brush for the first time, you should rub the ends of the bristles on a rough surface and leave it in linseed oil for 24 hours. This will help it in softening up. The process is also known as preconditioning of the brush which proves crucial in its ability to accept paint and a longer life. Use scraper or a knife to get rid of stray bristles. One should ideally use dip and slab method for painting. Once the painting is done, use thinner or turpentine to clean away the excess paint. Implementing all these tips will help in improving the lifespan of brushes.

Media painting kit

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0281110092wwmallmedia1Today, with the help of internet and other modes, getting high quality painting tools is become quite easy. Indeed, there is a wide variety of artists’ paints available for the professional or amateur artist. Different types of paint are available based on the way in which the pigment is poised or entrenched in. It is this that determines the characteristics of the paint such as solubility, drying time etc. The commonly used mixed media tools are acrylic paint tubes, inks, oil paints, pastel crayons, spray paints, water colors etc.

Professional artists also use what is called an encaustic painting where colored pigments are added to bee wax that is heated. The paste which is then prepared from that is applied to the surface or the canvas. Another popular mixed media medium is called fresco which consists of pigments in a water medium on wet or fresh lime mortar or plaster. This is a durable work of art! Gouache is a type of watercolor paint which is made of heavier and more opaque substance by the addition of a white pigment such as chalk!

Most events and scenes are excellently replicated using the mixed media medium. Here, you can truly use what you want to and create your own master piece! From glass to wood to graphite powder all kinds of ingredients are used to prepare a media painting!

They produce many different types of wonderful pictures. Mixed media can be used for abstract imaginary art too. Both, thinned oil paints and thick oil paints can be used. The paintings can also be dyed. There are many a great effects that can be brought to life using this medium. The canvas is yours. Come and explore!

Henna Body Painting

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henna-body-paintingThe use of henna or mehndi is very popular in the Indian subcontinent. Young brides get their hands and other body parts painted with paste of powdered henna. If we talk about India, applying mehndi is a common practice in almost every household. Women just love to apply henna during social occasions. Whether it is marriage, engagement, festivals or social function, women just need to have henna on their hands. It adds a certain charm to the overall beauty of the women. It is a type of body art practiced by Indian women since centuries. Artists trained in henna painting draw those intricate and beautiful lines on the palms. Traditional motifs are drawn on the hands of young brides. There are plenty of traditional motifs but the most popular one is the paisley motif.


Henna body painting is considered to be auspicious. According to existing beliefs, shade of the henna color decides the fate of the bride. In other words, the husband will love the wife more if she has darker shades of mehndi. Yes, that’s a belief which may be right or wrong but it shows the importance of the tradition of henna body painting.


Henna is basically a flowering shrub that has fragrant flowers. Leaves are dried and crushed into powder to create the dye. As far as the technique of Applying Mehndi is concerned, a paint brush or a plastic cone is used to apply the blend of lemon juice, henna powder and henna. Once the paint is applied, it is left as it is for few hours. This way, it dries up which helps it in getting a firm color. However, at some places, to create a more intense and dark color on the skin, plastic sheet or tissue paper or medical tape is used to wrap the painted area.  Reddish brown is the final color and can last from few weeks to few months depending upon the quality of the paste.